SMS & Call Filter

SMS & Call Filter blocks incoming SMS/MMS messages and incoming/outgoing calls based on user-defined rules.Unsolicited messages usually include advertisements from mobile phone service providers or messages from unknown or unspecified users. Notifications will not be displayed when an incoming message or call is blocked. View the History section to check for calls or messages that may have been blocked by mistake.

 SMS & Call Filter does not work on tablets that do not support calling and messaging. SMS/MMS filtering is not available on Android OS 4.4 and later versions and will be disabled on devices where Google Hangouts is set as the primary application for SMS.



Block last caller – tap to block incoming calls from the last received phone number. This will create a new rule.

To modify an existing rule, select it and tap Edit action_button_edit . To remove an entry from the Rules list, select the entry and tap Remove action_button_delete .

 To create a new rule, tap Rules > Add rule:

1. In the Action section, select either Block or Allow to specify the rule type for calls and messages.
2.In the Who section, select an option to specify the phone numbers that will be affected by the rule.

• Person
• Group – Jem Safe will recognise the contact groups saved in your Contacts (for example, Family, Friends or Co-workers).
• All unknown numbers will include all phone numbers not saved in your contact list. Use this option to block unwelcome phone calls (for example, "cold calls") or to prevent kids from dialling unknown numbers.
• All known numbers will include all phone numbers saved in your contact list.
• Hidden numbers will apply to callers that have their phone number intentionally hidden via the Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR).

3.In the What section, select the call or text type that should be blocked or allowed:
icon_call_out outgoing calls 
icon_call_in incoming calls 
icon_sms_in incoming text messages (SMS) or 
icon_mms_in incoming multimedia messages (MMS)

4.In the When section, select either Always or Custom to specify the time interval and the days of the week that the rule will be in effect. By default, Saturday and Sunday are selected.

NOTE: If you are abroad, enter all phone numbers into the list with the international dialing code followed by the actual number (for example, +1610100100).


The History section displays the log of all calls and messages blocked by the SMS & Call Filter. Each log contains the name of the event, corresponding phone number, date and time of the event. SMS and MMS message logs also contain the message body.

To remove an entry from the list, select it and tap Remove action_button_delete .

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