Advanced Settings


Real-time protection

Real-time scanner launches automatically at system startup and scans the files that you interact with. It automatically scans the Download folder and installed or updated applications.

ESET's Live Grid

Built on the ThreatSense.Net advanced early warning system, ESET's Live Grid is designed to provide your device with an additional level of security. It constantly monitors your system's running programs and processes against the latest intelligence collected from millions of ESET & Jem Safe users worldwide. Additionally, your scans are processed faster and more precisely as ESET's Live Grid database grows over time. This allows us to offer better proactive protection and scanning speed to all ESET & Jem Safe users. We recommend that you enable this feature. Thank you for your support.

Detect potentially unwanted applications

A potentially unwanted application is a program that contains adware, installs toolbars, traces your search results or has other unclear objectives. There are some situations where you may feel that the benefits of the potentially unwanted application outweigh the risks. For this reason, Jem Safe assigns such applications a lower-risk category compared to other types of malicious software.

Detect potentially unsafe applications

There are many legitimate applications whose function is to simplify the administration of networked devices. However, in the wrong hands, they may be misused for malicious purposes. Enable the Detect potentially unsafe applications option to monitor these types of applications and block them if you prefer. Potentially unsafe applications is the classification used for commercial, legitimate software. This classification includes programs such as remote access tools, password-cracking applications and keyloggers.

Virus signature database updates

This option allows you to set the time interval for automatic threat database downloads. These updates are issued as needed when a new threat is added to the database. We recommend that you leave this set to the default value (daily).

Update server

This option allows you to choose to update your device from the pre-release server. Pre-release updates have gone through thorough internal testing and will be available to the general public soon. You can benefit by having access to the most recent detection methods and fixes. However, pre-release updates might not be stable enough at all times. To check the versions of the current program modules, tap Menu action_button_menu on the Jem Safe main screen and tap About > Jem Safe. It is recommended that basic users leave the Release server option selected by default.

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