To access the program's settings, tap Menu action_button_menu in the Jem Safe main screen (or press the Menu button on your device) and tap Settings.


By default, Jem Safe is installed in the language set as system default on your device (in Android OS Language and keyboard settings). To change the language of the application user interface, tap Language and select the language of your choice.

Permanent Notification

Jem Safe will display a notification on the bottom part of the Android notification bar. If you do not want the notification to be displayed, deselect Permanent notification and tap Turn off.

Special Offers

You will receive the in-product news and latest offers from Jem Safe.


For maximum protection, it is important to use the latest version of Jem Safe. Tap Update to see if there is a newer version available for download from the Jem Safe website. This option is not available if you downloaded Jem Safe from Google Play – in this case, the product is updated from Google Play.


Running the Uninstall wizard will permanently remove Jem Safe from the device. If Uninstall protection was enabled, you will be asked to enter your Security Password. To uninstall the product manually, follow the steps described in this section.

For further setting options take a look at our Advanced Settings.

Be Safe

Be Jem Safe