SMS Text Commands


To start using SMS text commands, tap Anti-Theft > SMS text commands in the main program menu and then tap the switch switch_off to enable the feature. If you already completed the SIM Guard wizard, this setup will only prompt you to enter one additional parameter – the SMS password. The Security password can be used for this purpose, however It is not recommended to do so, since the SMS password will be visible on the mobile screen in incoming messages.

The following SMS commands can be sent:

eset remote reset
Send this command from a trusted friend's device to unlock your device's screen.

eset lock password
This will lock the device—you will be able to unlock it using the Security password.

eset siren password
A loud siren will play even if the device is set to mute.

eset find password
You will receive a text message with the GPS coordinates of the target device, including a link to its location on Google Maps. The device will send a new SMS if a more precise location is available after certain time.

eset wipe password
All contacts, messages, emails, accounts, SD card content, pictures, music and videos stored in default folders will be permanently erased from your device.

NOTE: Although the SMS commands are not case sensitive, the password needs to be typed in exactly as you defined it in the Anti-Theft setup wizard.

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