Web Portal Integration

The latest version integrates completely with Jem Safe Anti-Theft protection through the My Eset portal. From the portal you will be able to monitor your device activity, lock the device, send custom messages to the device finder, trigger a loud siren or wipe device data remotely.


To create a My ESET account, tap Create new account and fill out the registration form. Check your email inbox for the account confirmation and click the link inside to activate your account. Now you can enjoy managing the Anti-Theft security features from my.eset.com. If you already have a My ESET account, tap  and enter your email and password. Once these steps are complete, you can associate the device with your My ESET account. 

Optimisation of Web Portal Features

Jem Safe Anti-Theft optimisation is a measurable technical assessment of the security state of your device. Anti-Theft protection will examine your system for the issues listed below. For each security issue, you can tap Change settings to navigate to the screen where you can resolve that specific issue. If you do not want Jem Safe to report an issue as a problem, tap Ignore this issue.

  • Location services turned off – to turn on, navigate to Android settings > Location services and select Use Wireless networks
  • GPS Satellites not used – access this setting in Android settings > Location > Mode > High accuracy
  • Screen Lock not secured – to secure your device with a screen lock code, password, PIN or pattern, navigate to Android settings > Lock screen Screen lock and select one of the available options. Most Android devices offer Swipe, Motion, Face unlock, Face and voice, Pattern, PIN or Password. If someone tries to unlock your device using an incorrect code, Jem Safe Anti-Theft will notify you about the suspicious activity in the My Eset portal.
  • Mobile data not enabled – access this setting in Android settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Data.
  • Google Play Services not present – ESET Anti-Theft uses Google Play Services to deliver commands to your device in real-time and display push notifications. If these services are disabled or missing on your device, the ESET Anti-Theft functions managed from My Eset will be limited. In this situation, we recommend using SMS commands rather than the My ESET portal.
Proactive Protection

This feature allows you to adjust the warnings and activities triggered by Suspicious mode. Jem Safe regularly saves the device location, camera photos and WiFi IP addresses. You can define the following:

  • Activate when unlock attempt failed – enabled by default; displays Contact owner option when an incorrect screen lock code is entered
  • Max number of failed unlock attempts – number of failed unlock attempts permitted
  • Time for correction – by default, you have 15 seconds to enter the correct unlock code
  • Save photos to device – saves the rear and front camera photos to your device Gallery and the Anti-Theft portal in the event of a failed unlock attempt or a SIM card removal.

Please note that the my.eset.com portal is run by ESET, spol. s r.o. and ESET have their own terms and conditions that you can see are detailed by their legal information and their terms of use

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